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Thought-provoking films that reveal the human stories behind significant social issues.

Two Step Films was founded by producer/director Fran Robertson in 1998 to make documentaries for television and radio. Since then, the company has built a reputation for producing sensitive and thought-provoking films on a wide range of subjects which include the treatment of children with autism in ‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’ (BBC4), the law of Joint Enterprise in 'Guilty by Association’ (BBC1) and the housing crisis in ‘The Estate We’re In’ (BBC1).

As a producer Fran has worked with acclaimed directors Kevin Macdonald and Beeban Kidron, producing documentaries such as Sex Death and the Gods for BBC Storyville and ‘Humphrey Jennings: Listen to Britain’ for Channel 4

Since 2017 Two Step Films has also been commissioned by Channel 4’s Independent Film Fund to make a number of short films that have been shown on Channel 4 News

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